1. Page titles should be as descriptive as possible about the content of the page and include main keyword target of the page.

2. Headers should include target keyword of the page.

3. Content should be carefully considered and include the keyword and derivative keywords evenly throughout the page.

4. Site navigation should be clear, precise, descriptive and use the correct anchor text whenever possible.

5. Alt attributes (using keywords) should be used whenever images are displayed.

6. Content should be appealing, informative and encourage visitor engagement.

7. Locations should be frequently displayed for any location based service.

8. Always remember, a page is a page, each page of a website should be individually optimised.

9. Coding should be error free and kept to a minimum.

10. Make the file name of the page descriptive by using the target keywords.

These are the top 10 SEO Tips to help you rank higher in Google.

These are just the basic on page SEO Tips you should follow when constructing each main page of a website, the pages should be treated individually and then linked together using a search engine friendly navigation system.

Once your pages are constructed in a search engine friendly way, are linked together using a search engine friendly navigation system and the site is ready to go the real SEO starts.